Artboard AB

Innovation has always been at the heart of the company. A team of development and engineering professionals continuously work on new, improved and/or more cost-competitive solutions. We work closely with our customers to produce high quality products for their specific applications. The major part of Artboard AB products are exported all over the World. Artboard AB offer consulting services with technical support based on our knowledge and experience. Largest markets are Europe and Asia. Company presentation - download.

Composite panels - ARTBOARD and RECORE

Artboard AB designs, creates, and fabricates plain panels and complex shaped phenolic prepreg composite as moulded parts and structures. Artboard AB parts are used in diverse applications within the railway, marine and other industries. As well as moulded parts, the company manufactures large composite cored panels, solid laminate sheets and parts made from them.
Artboard AB offers a combination of cutting edge technology as well as comprehensive design and engineering capabilities. Proprietary controlled heated mould technology is utilized in Artboard’ s manufacturing process for curing both moulded parts and flat panels. By use of CNC machines parts and panels are machined to required sizes, shapes or products.

Artboard AB offers different variety of composite panel mainly based on glass reinforced fibers composite reinforced structure.

The Artboard AB panels are very suitable for the interior of railway carriages, cars and boats. Artboard panels are often used as a carrier of a surface or in a sandwich construction. By imposing Artboard AB panels with different surface materials can optimum design solutions be obtained on the tenth light weight and stiffness performance.

Moulded parts

Moulded interior parts can improve each vehicle interior. Using specially designed geometrical shapes designers can achieve lower vehicle weight and improve driving efficiency. Artboard AB manufacture molded parts for vehicle interiors using glass fiber reinforced materials on phenolic or melamine basis.

Floating Floor Profile

Innovative design of Floating Floor solution for marine and railway industry. New solution offers customers many benefits such as excellent vibration absorption, increased passenger safety and easy assembly procedure. Artboard AB Floating Floor solution is only solution which can offer real floating properties.