Artboard AB


Company history

Swedish company Artboard AB was founded by Lars Henning and Tore Andersson in 1984. Both partners worked together at Gullfiber in Söråker. In the period 1985-1991 they developed the Artboard product successfully. Artboard can be used as a light weight and fire retardant sandwich panel. The first business idea was to start with the development and production of a thin panel with isolation properties for inside houses and buildings. During the years Artboard AB has grown and after purchased the companies Recore Technologies and PA Innovation, Artboard AB had three production units in Sweden. A new and larger production unit is ready 2012 and both the units, Timrå and Sundsbruk, move together. The new production facilities use innovative technology approach in production of fiber reinforced composite products.
Today Lars Henning as owner and managing director of Artboard AB is a main leader of team of successful engineers on fiber composite area of expertise.


During 2008 Artboard AB received Sundsvall Business Awards and Best Growth Awards

Quality policy

Artboard AB shall develop, produce and sell the Artboard and Recore-panels. The customer focus is internal builders of boats and trains and advertising industry, primarily in Europe but also in other continents.

Our products, committments and actions shall be seen as expressions of good quality.
Our quality shall be the foundation to reach satisfied customers.

We shall act so that all committment we do, as individuals or as a company, will be a good reference for coming business or for the possibility to develop our company.

Artboard AB is certified according ISO 9001 quality certificate.

ISO 9001

Our actions shall be characterized by continous improvements of our company and of our management system. 

We shall follow law and regulations within our responsibility.